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We partner with world class organizations to leverage their expertise

JDA Software

OM HealthCare Logistics partners with JDA Software to identify and execute optimal transportation management decisions that improve efficiency and maximize cost carrier savings. JDA® Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: JDAS), The Supply Chain Company®, is the leading provider of innovative supply chain management and pricing excellence solutions worldwide.

Pilgram Software

Pilgrim Software, Inc. is a world-leading provider of Enterprise Compliance and Quality Management solutions for highly regulated industries. OM HCL works with Pilgrim to meet the diverse challenges of the world’s highly competitive marketplace. Pilgrim’s fully Web-based solutions help those businesses centrally manage operations to ensure product safety and compliance, reduce manufacturing costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Dell Perot Systems

OM HCL leverages Perot Systems Corporation for technical and applications support. All OM HCL systems are located in Plano, Texas within a secure data center managed by Perot Systems Corporation. All critical applications are redundant and include a 24-disaster recovery support.

Red Prairie

OM HCL warehouse and distribution services are “Powered by RedPrairie”. RedPrairie’s WMS system provides warehouse task optimization, slotting, kitting and track and trace capabilities. The solution supports unique product requirements through its work flow solution and its application integration toolset has helped the development of seamless conversion protocols for our 3PL clients.

Lucas Systems

OM HCL warehouse and distribution services are driven by Jennifer™ VoicePlus, a voice-directed picking and warehouse logistics system from Lucas Systems. Jennifer directs O&M HCL associates through their daily tasks, creating a paperless, hands-free process so associates can work faster and error-free. Jennifer works hand-in-hand with the RedPrairie WMS to ensure optimal efficiency and accuracy in the O&M HCL distribution centers.

CDC Software

Manufacturers seeking business process outsourcing services are supported with the hosted Ross Enterprise ERP suite from CDC Software integrated with RedPrairie WMS. This fully integrated solution is designed for rapid implementation, ease-of-use, and overall cost savings.


In partnership with rfXcel, OM HCL provides regulatory compliance out of the box, including cradle-to-grave track-and-trace required for compliance with current and anticipated ePedigree regulations. This complete ePedigree solution is supported through the integration of rfxcel and the RedPrairie WMS.


UPS is one of OM HCL’s preferred transportation management providers offering inbound and outbound transportation for our clients. UPS services include working with OM HCL to design network optimization scenarios which meet client delivery requirements at the lowest overall cost.